Detroit Tigers prospect update Parker Meadows

Embed from Getty Images Parker Meadows is a prospect all Detroit Tigers fans need to both know and follow. He is one of the Detroit Tigers most exciting prospects based on his high ceiling. The Tigers drafted Meadows last summer out of high school for good reason.

Playing in 22 rookie ball games last summer gave a tease of the talent that Parker Meadows brings to the Tigers. Hitting .284 with 2 doubles and 4 home runs was a solid start. Meadows then moved to the Connecticut Tigers where in six games Parker hit . 316.

The goal for Parker this season is to stay injury free and continue to move up the minor leagues. Last season Meadows battled a hamstring injury early in rookie ball, followed by a back injury in Connecticut.

At 6-foot-5, Parker Meadows hits for average, hits for power and an aspect of his game that surprised some in the Detroit Tigers front office, Parker has speed.  Making him the player with perhaps the most athleticism in the Tigers minor leagues.

“He’s got the arm, he’s got the power, he’s got the speed, Basically, he has all the ingredients that you are looking for in a baseball player.” Tigers general manager Al Avila said. Detroit scouts did a fantastic job of finding Meadows.

Word is the Parker Meadows is all business. He goes about his training all out. Meadows  worked out with a personal trainer four days a week and focused on his diet for the first time.

Parker Meadows currently ranks as Detroit’s No. 9 prospect, according to MLB Pipeline. Expect Parker to climb the rankings this summer. He should at some point reach Grand Rapids this season and play for the White Caps.

Parker Meadows has all the tools to be an above average MLB player. It should be fun to watch his growth this summer.


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