Goalie Jimmy Howard expected to sign a one year extension with the Detroit Red Wings

 Embed from Getty Images The Detroit Red Wings are expected to announce a one year extension for longtime Red Wings goalie Jimmy Howard at some point this week. The deal is believed to in the $4 million dollar range.

The Detroit Red Wings drafted Howard 64th overall in 2003, he recently played his 500th game and has professed he would like to finish his career with the only NHL team  he has known. Howard said. “I love playing for the Wings. My family loves living in Detroit. It’s very special.” It seems that is the way it will play out.

The extension shores up the Red Wings goaltending through next season. There is currently no  goalie prospect NHL ready in the organization. From the 2016-17 season through 2017-18 season, Howard accumulated a .915 save percentage and 2.63 goals against average.

Howard has been one of the more consistent players for the Red Wings this season, better than his .907 save percentage and 3.07 goals-against average through 47 games reflect. Jimmy Howard said he is comfortable with the one-year contract, as the Red Wings can continue to evaluate the veteran goaltender year to year basis.

The Detroit Red Wings do have some young goalies in the organization. They are no where close to being ready. The Wings need to prioritize developing young net-minders. Detroit in the past has signed veteran goalies like Dominik Hasek and Mike Vernon.

This is the safe road for Detroit. Howard has been a very steady and solid goalie and he is a known commodity to the fans, coaches, front office. It also gives Detroit wiggle room if they want to sign a free agent goalie.

Detroit Red Wings general manager gets some credit, in the past he gave older players outrageously big contract. In terms and years. The fact he is only giving Jimmy Howard a one year deal, signals he understands where is team is in the rebuild process.


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