Could Detroit Pistons Svi Mykhailiuk move to point guard

Embed from Getty Images Pistons coach Dwane Casey is toying with the ideal of developing Svi Mykhailiuk into a point guard to maximize his big 6′ 8″ frame. Which would give the player and team an advantage over the rest of the NBA’s point guards.

Casey stated “It gives you length on defense and you can see defenses better.” The prototypical NBA point guard is 6-6, 6-7. The Detroit Pistons pan is to have Mykhailiuk  join the teams offseason developmental program.  Casey is in favor of putting players in position to succeed.

Pistons fans an local Detroit media are asking “If he’s so talented, why isn’t Mykhailiuk in the Pistons rotation, already.” Fair enough. The fair answer is  Svi Mykhailiuk  was not fully acclimated with the Los Angels Lakers, is not prepared to make the switch while the Pistons are in the middle of  trying to get into the playoffs.

It is said that while watching Mykhailiuk go through pregame drills, an Eastern Conference scout told reporters Svi projects to be a dead-eye shooter and a playmaker. That is good news for Detroit.

Pistons front office will get their first prolonged look at Mykhailiuk at point guard during Las Vegas Summer League action in July. One thing is for sure is Mykhailiuk brings toughness.  He does not back down from other players or situations.

“This summer’s going to be a big one for my development,” Mykhailiuk said. “It’s started right now, even if I don’t play. I’m getting in a lot of extra work before games and even on days off. I just got to work on my all-around game.”

The good news for the Detroit Pistons and their fans is Svi Mykhailiuk sounds as though he is embracing the switch to point guard. This could be a good thing for the organization. It could also be a good thing for the player. As he evolves his game some more. He will see more playing time.


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