The Detroit Pistons would need a total meltdown to miss the playoffs

Embed from Getty Images The Detroit Pistons are cold again. As high as the sixth seed last week, the Pistons are now an eighth seed.  The good news is it would take total collapse for the team to miss the playoffs.

Blake Griffin has missed three games in a row due to a sore left knee. The Pistons have lost two games in a row. But, it really is not that bad. The Detroit Pistons are looking for their second playoff appearance in the past decade. Which would please owner Tom Gores who did not want to begin a rebuild.

A weak remaining schedule gives the Pistons the old “punchers chance.” Detroit, Brooklyn Nets, Orlando Magic and Miami Heat are in a battle for the last three playoff spots. It will be fun coming down to the finish line.

The Pistons hold tiebreakers over the Magic and Heat. With four regular seasons left Detroit is in the drivers seat. So much so the Pistons have a 99% chance at making the playoffs, with Orlando at 95%, Brooklyn 78% and Miami 25%. So the Pistons have really good odds.

So it really would take an epic collapse against teams under .500 for the Pistons to miss the playoffs. The Detroit Pistons need to begin to play better in order gain some momentum heading into the postseason.

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