Detroit Tigers to debut “Players Only” broadcast series vs Indians

Embed from Getty Images It has never been done in the history of Major League Baseball. On Tuesday afternoon the Detroit Tigers will carry the first of 17 “Players Only” broadcasts. Fox Sports Detroit general manager Gregg Hammaren said “We’re always trying to come up with something fresh.”

The “Players Only” broadcast will consist of former players and perhaps current Tigers players as well. It is an attempt to bring fans closer to the game. Former Detroit Tigers, Jack Morris, Kirk Gibson, Craig Monroe, Dan Petry and some special guests will take part.

Fox Sports Detroit is using The Video Call Center which basically eliminates a three-second delay in transmitting communication. This will allow the players to join in the conversation live.

Fox Sports Detroit’s executive director Jeff Byle said “We all have to pay attention, but we want to add a different flavor. One of a bunch of players watching the game from their couch.”

Byle would not say exactly who would be joining the broadcast along with the former Tigers already with the network. Players may only be able to join for an inning to two depending on their schedule.

MLB has said they are going to keep an eye out for the groundbreaking broadcast. Perhaps to plan some of their own like ventures during games. This could change broadcasting as we know it. No more two maybe three people in the booth. If the Detroit Tigers can pull this off the sky is the limit.

The baseball season is long. It is nice to see an attempt at a new angle for the game. With so many great former players and Hall of Famers this should create a buzz not only in terms of baseball but of all sports. It just so happens that Detroit is doing it first.

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