The Detroit Pistons are in purgatory

Embed from Getty Images The Detroit Pistons are stuck in the NBA’s no man’s land. They are not good enough to compete NBA championships or conference titles, while they are not bad enough to tank in a league with teams who are built specifically to lose in hopes of getting good lottery slots.

The Detroit Pistons have  superstar talent in Blake Griffin, but he just turned 30 in March and has three more years on a 5-year, $173 million deal. T he Pistons will have some tough decisions to make this coming offseason.

Looking at the fact the  Pistons can not and will not tank, the organization needs to choose the path forward to take, and that path may be to try swinging for the fences once again in a blockbuster trade this summer.

The tricky part of making a huge trade is the Pistons need to clear salary before gaining it back in a trade. Back at the NBA in-season trade deadline, it is known the Memphis Grizzlies were interested in Reggie Jackson, Luke Kennard of Detroit for the Grizzlies, Mike Conley. Detroit was not interested in moving Kennard.

If Detroit could talk Memphis into taking Langston Galloway with Kennard and Jackson it would save the Pistons $ 1.342 million. Which could get a deal done. It would cost the Pistons some depth off the bench. Like I said it is tricky, when Detroit has no salary cap wiggle-room.

The Detroit Pistons are in a self-acknowledged purgatory, and letting things run their course won’t get them out of it. They must make a trade or two and go all in on winning. They simply have no other choice.


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