Why Solo a Star Wars story 2 should be made

Embed from Getty Images When “Solo: a Star Wars story” came out, it was missed by and large because fans were disappointed with “Star Wars the Last Jedi.” Which lead to Solo doing poor at the box office. Which is a shame. Solo is a much better film than The Last Jedi.

Why should Disney/Lucasfilm invest time, energy and money into a Solo sequel. Let’s dive in. First and foremost Donald Glover was fantastic as Lando Calrissian. As was Emilia Clarke as Qi’ra.

Alden Ehrenreich made us believe he was a young Han Solo. The film was very solid. What needs to be explored more are a few things. Things that would make Solo 2 as enjoyable as the first film.

Enfys Nest, she has a great role in the film. But more is needed in her backstory. He was a great Star Wars character. We also need more from the Han/ Chewbacca  relationship that started in the first film.

Now we get to the real fun. Darth Maul. Who is no longer a Darth. He left the Sith because he did not agree with everything they stood for. Also the fact he was left for dead after Obi-Wan Kenobi sliced him in half. Maul used crime syndicates to take over Mandalore. After he was removed by the Republic, he escaped.

Maul, who did use the Force, started the crime gang Crimson Dawn. More is needed from this aspect of the story. Not to mention Qi’ra. Is she really with Maul and Crimson Dawn? Or is she leaning to following Han Solo and Chewbacca?

Fans of the film, of which I am one. Would love to see a sequel to a film that was missed by so many. If you have not seen “Solo: a Star Wars story,” do yourself a favor and watch it.

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