Bad calls, missed calls did not cost Ohio State a loss vs Clemson

Embed from Getty Images Ryan Day whined, he whined about calls against his team. He whined because of missed calls. That is a first for an Ohio State head football coach, even the last head coach (Urban Meyer) did not bemoan officials after a loss. A loss that has become somewhat routine now. Ohio State vs Clemson in the College Football Playoffs.

The Clemson Tigers, the team that gave Woody Hayes his last loss, Urban Meyer his worst loss and now Ryan Day his first loss. The Ohio State Buckeyes looked strong to start the game. In fact the Buckeyes would stake claim to a 16-0 start.

Missed opportunities would ultimately cost Ohio State victory. Buckeye running back J.K. Dobbins ran for 141 yards on six carries, including a powerful 68-yard touchdown run, yet Dobbins dropped two go ahead touchdown passes on consecutive possessions inside the red zone leading to field goals.

Momentum shifted to Clemson when a controversial targeting call was made. Yet, that did not decide the outcome of this contest. Clemson had not scored and was struggling to move the ball. After the targeting call, Clemson scored 29 points.

Ohio State quarterback Justin Fields, who wasn’t 100% with a brace on the left knee he injured against Michigan , threw two interceptions after throwing only one all year. The second pickoff was the back breaker. On a designed play, Fields was running a scramble play the wideout went in the opposite direction. The miscommunication resulted in a interception in the end zone to end the game.

Ohio State went 13–0 and made its first playoff run since 2016, Ohio State will be just fine. Sure players will leave for the NFL, that is nothing new. Still a loss on the national stage stings.

Perhaps, Ohio State should focus on avoiding Clemson. The Tigers are a very good team and football program. Or at least wait to play them for the National Championship.

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  2. Your forgetting one there Clemson fan. How about the fumble scoop and score TD that was ludicrously ruled an incomplete pass.
    No question when a team settles for field goals in lieu of scoring touchdowns inside the red zone it most often will cost you. Dobbins’ needs to learn to have total focus on catching the ball first then try and generate YAC. Clemson had what three penalties for 17 yards? Yea right!

    1. Lets just start off by saying it doesnt matter how you spin it .that td they took off the board cost the game period that 7 points was enough. So now the ejection of wade yes he did hit the kid but he didnt do it on purpose. Lawrence dipped down.yes it should have been a penalty but not targeting.

  3. The scores Clemson made
    1) after the assumed targeting and ejection. 2) after the called off interception by OSU defender that resulted in a canceled td for OSU.
    Those two, I recall.
    The tds called back for OSU
    1) The ball BROKE THE GOAL LINE. Anything after that matters not! Called back.
    2) the fumble recovery ran in for a td. The Clemson player clearly took several steps with possession. Called back!
    The LSU/OU game had an UNBIASED referee crew from a neutral conference which had no team representing the four playoff teams.
    The OSU/Clemson game had SEC referees of which LSU is the premier team of the SEC. NO BIAS THERE AT ALL.
    Also, merely an unforeseen consequence, but this championship game is being played in LSU home state, if I read right. True, the bowl series committee has nothing to do with the two teams that make it to that game, when they planned the site beforehand. Again what a great outcome that it is LSU in their home state playground.
    Sure, the Buckeyes made stupid fouls! Roughing the kicker deep in his territory! Resulting in an automatic first down and resulting, I believe, in a TD! A few other idiot mistakes turned into fouls.
    The referees didn’t call gouging the eyes of the defender who roughed the kicker.
    With all that being said. I honor Clemson for their not giving up. Their QB played tough in adversity. I don’t believe he ever played a rougher game that OSU fed to him. None of their players played a rougher game. OSU fed them bricks! But, Clemson won.
    I will cheer Clemson on!

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