The Detroit Lions fire six assistant coaches

Embed from Getty Images Monday afternoon in the end of the season press conference’s  Detroit Lions head coach Matt Patricia said he was evaluating everything as the team fresh off a 3-12-1 season needs to be overhauled in some areas. Lions general manager echoed the same. Evaluate, think, make moves.

Tuesday afternoon The Detroit Lions announced some changes. The unfortunate outcome was six coaches received pink slips. This is what 3-12-1 looks like. Some of the firings were justified, more on that in a moment.

Tuesday, strength coach Harold Nash, special teams coordinator John Bonamego as well as four other assistant coaches were let go beginning what looks to be a rather significant offseason makeover for the Detroit Lions.

One puzzling move that was not made was defensive coordinator Paul Pasqualoni was not fired, not yet anyway. Heading into the 2019 NFL season the Lions defense looked as good as it has in a while on paper. But paper does not play games nor does it coach.

Monday afternoon when GM Bob Quinn spoke, he said he did not like to make excuses, but the Lions had an NFL high 18 players on IR (injured reserve.) It seemed every game at least two Lions players were being carted off the field. To dismiss, Harold Nash was probably the right thing to do.

It is mind-blowing and downright boggling Paul Pasqualoni was not at the very least reassigned a different role. The Detroit Lions had one if not the most underachieving defenses in the NFL this season. The Lions ranked 31st in total yards, 26 in points allowed, dead last against the pass and blew seven second half leads.

Watching the Lions, the linebackers were out of position often and certain players development such as former first round draft pick Jarrad Davis has stalled. Leading to the linebackers coach getting his pink slip.

Coaching is not an easy job to be sure. Bob Quinn said he expects about a 25% roster changeover this offseason. That is down from last season where the Lions were closer to a 60% changeover.

Time will tell if the changes pay off. Lions owner Martha Ford gave a playoff or lose your job next season mandate to both Quinn and Patricia. If there is no playoffs next season, there will be a total rebuild, again. Lions fans are use to rebuilds the team has been doing it since 1957. Perhaps that why Mrs. Ford wants to give it one more shot.

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