Are the Detroit Lions planning life after Matthew Stafford

Embed from Getty Images Rumors! I like rumors about as much as I like Mock Drafts. Not at all!!! However, when multiple people are reporting the same thing it does at the very least, turn heads. The Detroit Lions coaching staff has been in Mobile, Alabama for the Senior Bowl. It was reported this past week they are willing to move quarterback Matthew Stafford.

With a playoffs or no job mandate from Lions owner Martha Ford, it would seem counterintuitive to part with a starting quarterback who has been with the Lions since 2009.

Before a back injury ended his season Matthew Stafford was having a solid season for the Detroit Lions, but his large salary may not serve the Lions best interests to retool this season. There is already a defensive overhaul coming.

Yet, Omar Kelly, from the South Florida Sun-Sentinel is reporting the Lions are willing to trade Stafford.

This would and would not be a surprising move. Yes, general manager Bob Quinn and head coach Matt Patricia have been told to get to the playoffs or else. Yes, the team is rebuilding the defense. Yes trading Stafford means a total rebuild.

That said Alabama quarterback Tua Tagovailoa  who is very good and very accurate should be there when the Lions pick third over-all in the first round. But, a playoff or bust with a rookie quarterback? That would be daring.

This could all be a smoke-screen. The Lions could be dangling Stafford (in name only) to see if they can gather more draft picks or it could be legit. Detroit feels like they are going into the 2020 season with the best running game the franchise has had in a while. They have good wide receivers and tight ends. If they believe they can put enough good players around him then they could draft Tagovailoa.

It could be something, it could be nothing. Time will tell. It is worth keeping an eye on for Detroit Lions fans.

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