The Detroit Tigers need Christin Stewart to hit in 2020

Embed from Getty Images There is no other plan for Detroit Tigers outfielder Christin Stewart. Miguel Cabrera under contract for the next four seasons, it seems highly likely that designated hitter will be occupied for the foreseeable future buy the long time Tigers first baseman. in 2020, Christin Stewart must hit like the Tigers believe he can.

Christin Stewart hit very well in minor leagues. Heading into last season the Tigers felt Stewart’s defense would be his biggest drawback, never dreaming it would be his hitting.

Christin Stewart had a completely forgettable rookie season with the Detroit Tigers, which really fit in with the theme of 2019 Tigers team. At 26 years old, Stewart is young and has a track record of hitting in the minors. 2020 will be a big year for Stewart as well at the Tigers who need more bats in the farm system.

In 2019, Stewart  had 416 plate appearances that was only worth 80 wRC+, and his OBP and SLG plummeted to .305 and .388. Though Christin had occasional flashes of power he hit 10 home runs his .154 ISO was not nearly the routine .200+ ISO he posted in every full season in the minors. In other words his numbers were bad.

Chrstin Stewart needs the 2020 season to be his breakout year. The Tigers minor leagues are not overflowing with other options at the moment. Stewart needs to prove he is capable of being part of the Detroit Tigers build-up part of the rebuild, now that the team finished it’s tear-down part of the rebuild.

It is just one thing the Detroit Tigers coach’s, front office and fans will be watching this season.

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