ESPN analyst and former Detroit Lions quarterback Dan Orlovsky says the team is close

Embed from Getty Images Former Detroit Lions quarterback Dan Orlovsky recently said “You’re probably two really good players away from, all right, let’s have a conversation of being one of the better teams in the conference,” I think they caught a lot of bad breaks last year, just keeping it real. So if they stay healthy, they’re two good pieces away from being in the conversation of being a good, good football team. A good, solid, you-can-win-every-game football team.”

Some Detroit Lions fans have scoffed at Orlovsky’s statement. But should they? After all, the Lions could have won every game they played last season. They led in 14 of 16 games played.

The Detroit Lions being two players away seems out of place, but not completely far-fetched, either. In the NFL, you are what your record says you are Detroit was 3-12-1, bad.

That said from a talent perspective, Detroit is better than most of the other teams picking in the top 10 of the NFL draft, and it is not a stretch to think they would have doubled their win total if quarterback Matthew Stafford not missed two months with fractured bones in his back.

The Detroit Lions do not need to make a big jump to get to the next level. The offense should see 10 of last seasons 11 starters come back. While the Lions are not great offensively, they have the potential to be at least above average offense with a healthy Stafford, wide receiver Kenny Golladay and with tight end T.J. Hockenson expected to take on a bigger role next season.

The defense is where Dan Orlovsky’s “two-players-away” theory comes in to play. The Detroit Lions need pass rush help in a BIG way. They also need a starting cornerback. They have questions at safety beyond Tracy Walker. Not too mention the linebackers lack speed.

With free agency and the draft, Detroit could possibly find the two players that can help get the team over the hump. Yes, they will get more that two players. However, they need to nail the two positions of need in order to improve next season.

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