Detroit Tigers prospect Daz Cameron ready to move forward

Embed from Getty Images Daz Cameron, who is currently ranked the Detroit  Tigers’ No. 7 prospect by Baseball America and No. 8 by MLB Pipeline said “I love baseball. To be able to get up today and be alive, it’s a blessing.” The young center fielder is coming off a season in which he struggled miserably. One thing about Daz Cameron, when he has struggled he has responded by having a big season.

In 2019, Daz Cameron played 120 games for the Triple A Toledo Mud Hens and struck out 152 times. He hit .214 with 13 home runs. As ugly as last season was, Cameron is at ease.  Daz says he learned from it, that he has gotten past it.  Judging from his ear to ear smile, as well as the way he carries himself and the confidence he exudes, it is easy to believe him.

Daz Cameron said last season he felt like he was battling  himself. It showed in what was the worst season of his professional life. But it was also the one in which he learned the most. So it was not all bad.

In 2019 Daz Cameron changed his swing three times and did not feel comfortable. Cameron kept searching for answers but couldn’t find any. Now, looking back, the lesson became obvious: Cameron vows to never make significant changes during a season.  “To not change anything, to be myself, no matter what,” he said.

Daz Cameron is smiling big now. Because he is feeling so good. The young center fielder is optimistic about the talent in the Tigers’ minor leagues, especially the pitching staff that he expects to play with at Toledo. “I think we are going to have some huge stars,” he said. “Oh man, it’s going to be ridiculous to see. It’s going to be fun.”

During the early part of spring training, Cameron is locked in and is hitting the ball well again, perhaps he can sense how close he is to Detroit. As Cameron is the future center fielder/ corner outfielder.

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