This should be a time to seek God more

Embed from Getty Images “But if from there you seek the Lord your God, you will find Him if you seek Him with all your heart and with all your soul.” Deuteronomy 4:29

We are all at home more these days and I am perfectly fine with that. In fact I am really digging into my Bible more as well as a men’s small group. God is good.

I have had to train myself to get to the point where things that were one an idol have become much less important and God has become THE source that I crave. He is the only idol I truly chase. As I said it did not happen over night.

If this whole COVID-19 pandemic had happened before 2007, T.V., video games, movies would have eaten up much of my time. Now as I start my day with my beautiful wife we read God’s word together. It brings us unity in our marriage and our household.

There are many things that can take our eyes off of God, things that seem to increase as the weather gets nicer outside. One Bible verse really caught my attention.

It says: “The Lord looks down from heaven on all man kind to see if there are any who understand, any who seek God.” Psalm 14:2. Wow! So God seated on His throne in Heaven looks down to see who is seeking Him?

That is exciting, humbling, nerve wrecking  and downright intimidating. I do not view God as a creeper, but the man is watching. He is looking for those who are actively seeking Him. I want to be counted into this group. It is better the a Super Bowl championship, World Series ring or Masters jacket.

When you seek God, He blesses. He fills you with what you need. He supplies everything. You become rooted to the rock. In theses days that have an uncertain feel to them. God is looking for people who are looking for Him.

To seek God, one must be or become consistent. Set a time everyday to read God’s word. Before you do say “Lord I’m looking for you, would you meet me today?” He will!! It does help to have someone who you can both be accountable to. If not, there are other ways. Set a time to start and even a timer to end.

Do whatever works for you. But do it!! Be consistent. God is.

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