Casey Mize looks ready to join the Detroit Tigers pitching rotation

Embed from Getty Images Casey Mize,  is one of the Tigers top pitching prospects,  although he was slated to spend this season in Triple A Toledo with the Mud Hens before the COVID-19 pandemic hit, the plans could change. Casey Mize has put on a show during summer camp.

Detroit Tigers manager manager Ron Gardenhire put it as plain as he could and did not mince his words, “Yeah. I’d like to have him (on the roster) right now,” Gardenhire said. “We know the protocol and what we’re trying to do here, step by step. I just think he’s very poised. He knows what he needs to do and wants to do and it’s fun watching him pitch.

“He’s in control and he has a great plan on what he needs to do to be successful. He’s moving really quick and for me, it can’t be quick enough. I like him a lot.”

It is worth noting that Mize could really use some Triple A seasoning. But because there is no minor baseball due to the current pandemic it could force the Tigers hand. The Tigers could also choose to allow Casey Mize to continue to develop with the 30 man taxi squad that will continue training in Toledo after the season begins on July 24 in Cincinnati.

One thing Detroit Tigers fans need to know about Casey Mize is although his frame (6′ 3″) does not project, his stuff does. Mize is always tinkering with his pitches. Trying to get the max out of each one. Mize is a pitching rat.

Fellow top Detroit Tigers  Matt Manning does have a frame that projects. Manning ( 6′ 6″) is also on target for Detroit. However, because Casey Mize boarders on obsessive when it comes to getting his pitches just right, he is slightly ahead of Manning.

Even if the Detroit Tigers use Casey Mize as a backup plan (in case of emergency) Tigers fans can begin to see the future sooner than later.

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