Detroit Tigers “Patient hitter, great hitter, great bat-to-ball skills,” possessing Isaac Paredes collects first big league hit

Isaac Paredes hits. Last season while playing for Double-A Erie, Paredes numbers were solid. The young Paredes (21 years old)  hit .282 with 13 home runs and 66 RBIs. While his time in the minor leagues show Paredes’s numbers a bit better, with 424 career minor league games played, Paredes hit  93 doubles, six triples, 40 homers and 232 RBIs with a .274 average.

Last night in Chicago against the White Sox, Isaac Paredes gave a look into the future, one past his call-up time (more on that in a minute.) Paredes found his name in the batting order at No. 8. Few believe this is where he will stay. Hitters like Paredes move up the order quickly.

Paredes has advanced plate discipline, That discipline helped him climb up the Detroit Tigers minor league system. Pitching for Chicago was 13 year veteran  Gio Gonzaez, Gonzaez would get the young Paredes out in his first major league at-bat.

The second time through was a different story. Paredes, hit a high fastball on the outside corner for a single and driving in two runners. Issac Paredes said through his translator that he was “pretty nervous” during his first at bat.

Paredes, regained focus and came through with the bases loaded. This has been the Issac Paredes story. The guy just hits. For average. For power. Paredes has always been viewed as a building block for the Detroit Tigers.

Slow starts do not phase the young talented hitter. During his minor league playing time Paredes would have a slow first month and then catch fire. Good hitters do that.

It would not be surprising if the Detroit Tigers do not option Paredes back to the minor leagues. Even with the COVID-19 shutdown, Issac Paredes was rumored to be one of the players the Tigers were going to call up at some point this season. That did not change.

What may is Paredes might just stick and stay in Detroit. Speaking of which with the organization having called up three top prospects, the team hinted that the rebuild is nearing it’s end.

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