The Detroit Pistons are going to begin to look different

The rebuild bug has hit another professional Detroit team. This time the Detroit Pistons have entered a rebuild. The organization could go part rebuild or all in. One thing is for certain, it will help the on court product in the long term, but as seen with the Lions, Red Wings and Tigers will pinch in the short term.

When building a roster that can compete, there needs to be at least one player to build around. For the Detroit Pistons when healthy Blake Griffin is and can be that player.

If the Pistons do go all in on the rebuild then they could part ways with Griffin who is sure to decline in production in the next two seasons. Detroit could trade him while he still has value and get a player or a draft pick.

One thing has become clear, in my opinion the Detroit Pistons should focus on a youth movement. Even if the keep Blake Griffin and gradually phase him out. Langston Galloway, Markieff Morris and Tony Snow are veterans with one year left on their current contracts. All could and should be moved for any assets the Pistons can get.

Christian Wood, Bruce Brown, Luke Kennard and Svi Mykhailiuk and Sekou Dumbouya along with the Pistons draft pick in this years 2020 NBA draft (No. 7 overall) will be the core new Pistons general manager Troy Weaver has to build around.

The Detroit Pistons have had problems signing big name free agents due in part to mediocre on court play. The best rout for the Pistons to go is build a team that attracts free agents, which will take time.

Rebuilds are not fun. There is no sugar coating that fact. The Lions know it. The Red Wings know it. The Lions know it. The fans of Detroit sports know it. But in time it is rewarding when the team begins to resemble a solid group and the wins begin to come in.

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