The Detroit Tigers Christin Stewart may be running out of time

Fe-Fi-Fo-Fum, certainly Detroit Tigers outfielder Christin Stewart can smell Riley Greene, Parker Meadows and Daniel Cabrera coming for his job. He has to know the Tigers minor leagues have some solid outfield prospects. Yet for all the hype from spring training to summer camp to the 60 game regular season Christin Stewart did not deliver.

Christin Stewart was advertised as a hitter. A masher, if you will. Stewart hit home runs and a lot of them in college and the minor leagues. For a player who was taken in the first round in the 2015 MLB draft, Stewart has struggled in Detroit.

In 60 games this season, Stewart’s stats are as followed: GP-36, AB-90, R-6, H-15, 2b-3, T-0, HR-3, RBI-9, BB-5, SO-30, AVG- .167. It does not take a baseball fan to understand these are not good numbers. Throw in the fact Christin Stewart was a first round draft pick and it looks like he is on the verge of being a bust.

As mentioned before Riley Greene, Parker Meadows and Daniel Cabrera are young proven outfield hitters in the Tigers system. One two or most likely all three will be roaming the Tigers outfield when the dust settles on the organization’s rebuild.

Christin Stewart who does not have and adequate arm or speed is in a difficult spot. His limitations in the outfield would be better masked and he could move to designated hitter (DH) if he could show he could hit.

Unfortunately, Stewart is not hitting either. Many baseball experts expect Riley Greene and Danial Cabrera to be in Detroit at some point during the 2021 season. Both have speed and above average arms. Both are solid contact hitters and both project as future All-Stars.

Stewart by all accounts could be a part of the Detroit Tigers future if he can begin to hit. But time is quickly running out. It is fair to say¬† Christin Stewart’s career is at the cross roads.

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