This is an odd place to be and an even odder subject to be writing about. Adoption, it comes in different forms. Pet adoptions, person adoptions, city or stated adoptions even sports team can be adopted, the list goes on. There is a certain stigma for a person who is adopted, I mean there has to be right? A child or adults must be gossiped about behind closed doors when the cat is out of the bag as far as being adopted. Actually, I do not think so. I think the only so-called stigma is between the ears. I know, I am adopted.

For a long time I lived with a secret that really was not a secret except in my mind. I was adopted in 1975. Through an act of God, I was spared a life less desirable and given what some would call the chance of a lifetime.

I really did not know my biological family well. Perhaps I was to young or there are simply places I do not want to revisit in the recesses of my mind. As I grew I had no desire to look for biological family members. I was not part of their lives and I was good with that.

I do have a sister who is a bit of a hot mess. Part her own doing and part I firmly believe was a family curse passed down. I will refrain from details, because it is like a broken record to me and because God has called me to look forward and not back so that is where my focus is.

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I now embrace that I am adopted in ways that I never did before. Part of it is maturity and part of it is knowing who I am both in Christ and in the family I am blessed to be part of.

There is no stigma. Only joy of being part of something that has altered my beginning and transformed me into the person who God wants me to be. If you are adopted embrace it, celebrate it. If you are thinking of adopting, do it.

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