“Memories choose us”

Have you ever read a phrase or heard a phrase and it just grabs ahold of you? In his book “Adorning the Dark,” author Andrew Peterson¬†blew my mind with this simple three word phrase. “Memories choose us,” that phrase is found on page 118 near the bottom of the page. Thanks to Mr. Peterson that thought has found a way into my brain and has nestled in, to the point I had to put down some thoughts.

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I actually had to set “Adorning the Dark” down and just chew on this. Sitting still for a while as I pensively soaked in the words on the page I was struck by just how much memories do choose us. Good, bad, and some tucked away in the recesses of my mind, yet they have and still do choose me.

I do not think I am over thinking this. I have had some memories that keep resurfacing in my mind not once or twice, but it is almost like my brain rewinds to those. Again, some are good, some are bad and some mostly forgotten until the emerge from the depths of the hidden.

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The question is why do some memories choose us and others do not? After all events in our lives shape us into who we are and /or who we will become. Yet I wonder why if good, bad and ugly events in our lives shape us, why do we not remember all of these events? I suppose that is where the “Memories choose us,” phrase comes into play.

I praise God for the memories he has allowed me to continue to go back to. Some are joy filled, some are funny, some are dumb, some are bad, some are ugly while others are dark and a place I wish my memory would let go of. That however is not for me to decide, memories choose us remember?

So how about it? Do you have memories that you go back to often or even from time to time? Drop a comment and share.




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