Star Wars is for everyone

I have a secret. It is not a popular secret or one that people will agree with me on. My secret is by no means meant to divide, disrupt, or anger anyone, after all my secret is well mine. So what is this secret? It is this, I like Star Wars. Not just the original trilogy, or the Christmas Special, or cartoons or streaming shows, or stand alone films for that matter. I like Star Wars, all of it. I have no fear and zero reservations about saying that.

ORLANDO, FL – APRIL 14: New poster revealed Star Wars The Last Jedi at the Star Wars Celebration day 02 on April 14, 2017 in Orlando, Florida. (Photo by Gustavo Caballero/Getty Images)

Before reading ahead or leaving, know that I am not trying to offend anyone or change anyone’s mind. Opinions are all valid! There is a perception both inside the Star Wars fan base and outside that the entire fan base is toxic. I do not subscribe to this notion.

I grew up on Star Wars, having seen the original trilogy in it’s first run in theaters. Yes, Han shot first! Yet, there are fans wanting to move away from the George Lucas Star Wars content, or forgetting the JJ Abrams prequel trilogy all together. There are fans who would rather just the streaming material being produced now, and those who do not like the streaming content.

Somewhere we lost the ability to agree to disagree. Fans think the only opinion that matters is their own. If the fan base can unite and have solid conversations it would be more soothing and productive.

Sotheby’s gallery assistant Anna Tisi holds up the ‘Return of the Jedi’, a promotional C-3PO helmet from 1983, next to ‘The Empire Strikes Back’ poster ahead of the Star Wars collectibles online-only sale at the London auction house. (Photo by Luciana Guerra/PA Images via Getty Images)

Believe it or not it is alright and healthy to engage in conversation. I embrace everything that Star Wars has to offer in large part because it was what I grew up on. Let’s start there.

By all means drop a comment and let’s start having conversations about Star Wars. Again, every opinion is valid. What are your likes and dislikes? Do you like where the franchise is headed? Let’s talk.

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