Please stop being an over-the-top Christian, it does not represent Jesus in a good light

As a Christ follower I am a bit up in arms over the display of harsh Christianity that took place outside of Nationwide Arena in Columbus Ohio, Friday night. As fans were waiting for the doors to open to see Iron Maiden, they were yelled at they were going to hell for seeing the band. That is not Christ-like at all.

Holy Bible on a wooden table under a dusk sun light.

It is not in the bible: There is not one book, verse or translation that says that listening to music of any kind will condemn a person to hell. That is simply not true. It is baring false witness however. Which simply does not represent Jesus well.

Nicko McBrain of Iron Maiden during Iron Maiden in Concert at Long Beach Arena on August 25, 2003 at Long Beach Arena in Long Beach, California, United States. (Photo by Annamaria DiSanto/WireImage)

The fact is Iron Maiden has Christian themes in some songs: Is Iron Maiden a Christian band? No. Drummer Nicko McBrain is a 20 year Christ Follower. Songs like ‘Hallowed By Thy Name” and a few others point to God. Again the band is not a Christian band. When the album “The Number of the Beast” came out these same harsh Christians took aim. The album speaks of poor choices and how Satan can influence. Yet, “Hallowed Be Thy Name,” we hear a person who is in prison, on death row who winds up before God. A redemption moment for sure.

How are these harsh Christians showing and leading people to Jesus? This is THE question. Did Jesus and/or any of his disciples or any followers stand and yell at people they were going to hell? I read through the bible every year, I have never come across a book or verse where yelling took place. As a Christ follower we are called to be salt and light be the seasoning people want. Shine the light of Jesus that is in you so others are drawn to it. Yelling people are going to hell drives people away from Jesus which is the opposite of what we are called to do.

Christians need to be better. Starting with me, I would not ask anyone to do something I was not willing to. I am willing to be salt, I am willing to be light. Join me.

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