Detroit Lions: Matt Patrica voted worst NFL coach

Embed from Getty Images It is both laughable and yet somewhat practical that new Detroit Lions, head coach Matt Patrica, has been voted the worst coach in the NFL.

I find these little polls both interesting and sort of stupid. Matt Patrica, a very decorated defensive coordinator in his time with the New England Patriots. Has seen his Detroit, coaching start being listed in less than flattering light.

Lions fans, should not hit the panic button. I totally get it. Matt Patrica has never coached a football game as a head coach. Respect is earned. Patrica, who literally is a rocket scientists (by degree) understands this.

To me this is not a slap in the face for the Detroit Lions, or the head coach. It is simply the pecking order. Many Hall of Fame coaches started at the bottom.

This is a show me moment for Patrica, more than the Detroit Lions. If he fails the organization will make changes. It is time for Patricia, to come to grips with the fact he is THE guy.

Every time the Lions, fail or are successful he will be the man in the cross fire. Good or bad. Such is the life of any head coach in any sports.

It is probably safe to say Matt Patrica, probably saw that poll and laughed. Detroit Lions general manager Bob Quinn is hoping his hand picked head coach gets the last laugh. As is Lions nation.

Detroit Lions: Matt Patrica’s way or the highway

Embed from Getty Images Several media outlets say Detroit Lions, head coach Matt Patrica is causing a stir in mini camp. When players do not do the simple things the coaches ask they run. A lot.

Some think Patrica, could lose the team. Others say it is a slap on the hand. I say it is the coach. It is his team, his way. Why does there need to be drama behind running?

Should Matt Patrica, reward rebellious players who can not do the simple things? What does that look like in key times of a game? Order, structure and boundaries are needed. Even for grown men. Especially grown men with ego’s.

I believe Detroit Lions, players, front office, fans and media are getting a look at what it is like with a New England Patriots, practice and mini camp. Structured.

That has not been a word that has necessarily been associated with the Detroit Lions, very often over the years. Yet Patrica, is placing a premium on listening and obeying and the Detroit media is saying he is in danger of losing  his players 

Too me that is laughable. If they are grown men. Which they are. Then take the kid gloves off and change the culture. What is wrong with a new direction? The old way did not produce anything more than a playoff game once in a great while.

In the meantime, the “Patriot way” has produced in an epic fashion. Division titles, playoff births and let us not leave out Super Bowl appearances and victories.

Detroit, media should settle down. They should allow this to play out. They may be surprised by the results. If the Detroit Lions, do not achieve those results then tell people they feel it is a result of a coach telling his player to run a lap for failing to comply.


Detroit Lions; With Matt Patricia the team will be fundamentally sound

Embed from Getty Images The Detroit Lions, have had talented players but they have not always had coaches that teach proper fundamentals. Under new head coach Matt Patricia that will change.

The aftermath of the 2018 NFL draft is upon us and mini camps are set to open next week. That said the Detroit Lions, start in a new direction one that is based in fundamentally sound play.

Lions fans, can expect the team to play more sound, cut down on penalties, and play tougher than in seasons past. Patricia, has set the as the new norm in Detroit.

Patricia, while in New England with the Patriots had his defensive unit ready every play, every snap, every down. That is what is coming to the Lions. Attention to detail.

Matt Patricia’s defenses never self imploded as he coached them. The Detroit Lions, had moments sometime big moments of self implosion. That angered and frustrated the fan base at times.

I am not sure if that was the fault of previous Lions head coaches or assistant coaches. But there were times the staff was clearly not on the same page.

I fully expect that to be in the past as the Detroit Lions step in a new direction. A direction that is going to be chalked full of fundamental accountability.

Detroit Lions: need to be at least 9-7

Embed from Getty Images Matt Patricia, was brought in because the Detroit Lions general manager Bob Quinn, wanted a coach who would push the team to a championship level. It was and is a gamble.

After former Detroit, Jim Caldwell posted back to back 9-7 records with a playoff appearance Bob Quinn demanded more.He’s in charge so it is his call to make.

Matt Patrica, the former New England Patriots defensive coordinator came to the Detroit Lions with his marks from current and former players as well as members of the New England coaching staff. The loudest praise came for Patriots head coach Bill  Belichick.

The move had better be the right one. Caldwell, had the Lions playing more consistent on the grid iron. So in order for this move to be considered justifiable or successful in his first season Matt Patricia must finish no worse than 9-7.

I know full well that is not setting the bar very high. In year one of a new coaching staff there are going to be issues as players learn a new system and new language. There will be great moments and disappointing ones to be sure.

The Detroit Lions still have huge glaring needs at defensive end, running back, tight end as well as offensive guard. That is a lot to upgrade in year one. Even if Bob Quinn and his staff draft those positions the team would be counting on rookies to deliver right away.

While I do believe Matt Patrica, will be a very good head coach. I can make the case it will not be in year one. So 9-7 is the bench mark. Otherwise Bob Quinn, will endure public wrath of fans for replace a coach that posted back to back winning seasons.