Detroit Lions: Matt Patrica voted worst NFL coach

Embed from Getty Images It is both laughable and yet somewhat practical that new Detroit Lions, head coach Matt Patrica, has been voted the worst coach in the NFL.

I find these little polls both interesting and sort of stupid. Matt Patrica, a very decorated defensive coordinator in his time with the New England Patriots. Has seen his Detroit, coaching start being listed in less than flattering light.

Lions fans, should not hit the panic button. I totally get it. Matt Patrica has never coached a football game as a head coach. Respect is earned. Patrica, who literally is a rocket scientists (by degree) understands this.

To me this is not a slap in the face for the Detroit Lions, or the head coach. It is simply the pecking order. Many Hall of Fame coaches started at the bottom.

This is a show me moment for Patrica, more than the Detroit Lions. If he fails the organization will make changes. It is time for Patricia, to come to grips with the fact he is THE guy.

Every time the Lions, fail or are successful he will be the man in the cross fire. Good or bad. Such is the life of any head coach in any sports.

It is probably safe to say Matt Patrica, probably saw that poll and laughed. Detroit Lions general manager Bob Quinn is hoping his hand picked head coach gets the last laugh. As is Lions nation.

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