Why 2018 & 2019 will not be lost Tigers seasons

While the baseball season is about to kick off with winter caravans and spring training. The thought of a bad bordering on hideous Tigers season leaves fans wondering what’s the point?
Fair question. Let’s start with the fact the Tigers must see what’s in the minors as far talent.
At some point or points during the season Tigers fans can expect to see Beau Burrows, Christian Stewart, Gregory Soto (who I’m very high on) and perhaps Dawel Lugo get a look with the parent club.
Not to mention fans will want to see if Nicholas Castellanos (baring a trade) can continue to improve his bat skills. Not to mention if they don’t trade him what can a fully healthy Michael Fulmer give you.
GM Al Avila,said he believes the arms in the minors will “bring a championship to Detroit in the very near future.” Bold words. Dangerous words if he and the Tigers don’t deliver. The future begins in earnest this season.

I and Tigers fans will be keeping a close eye on the Tigers farm system. It should be fun!

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