Detroit Tigers: keep an eye on Detroit Pistons owner Tom Gores

When Chris Ilitch took over as owner of the Detroit Tigers he said he was not going to sell the team. Stating his love for baseball. Times and circumstances change.

Tom Gores billionaire owner of the Detroit Pistons had struck a deal with Chris Ilitch and the Pistons play at Little Caesar’s Arena. It may not seem anything but two men striking a business deal.
There are now loud whispers Ilitch would like to sell the Detroit Tigers. The two Detroit area businessmen met at least two times last summer at Comerica Park no less.
Gores has even used language referring to the Tigers as “a beloved franchise.” He is said to be more than interested. Further more, Ilich is said to be waiting for an offer from Gores.
Chris Ilitch has no intentions of selling the Detroit Red Wings as they were his fathers pride and joy. Not to mention the family would like to hold onto the team that plays in an arena build by Iltich inc.
The city of Detroit and Tigers fans all over will be paying attention to see if and how this unfolds. Only the two businessmen know if there was any deal involving Little Caesar’s Arena, the Pistons, and the Tigers that may shape any future purchasing of the team.

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