Detroit Pistons the frustrating part

As the Detroit Pistons are marred in mediocrity, the fans are left with frustrations. That must change.

As I have documented Pistons head coach Stan Van Gundy’s failures is does go deeper than that.
The roster does have talent. I dare say there is enough talent to be a playoff caliber team. Below .500 does not just happen because of one person. Like winning a championship it’s a team effort.
The Pistons starting five are solid. When the team traded for Blake Griffin he added even more consistent scoring. Andre Drummond in my opinion takes lapses that hurt the team. The big guy should be averaging more than 15 points per game.
To me the biggest issue the team has is the bench. Players that make up the Detroit Pistons bench are weak scorers. And do not give the Pistons quality minutes when they are on the court.
Compared to other top teams who’s bench players average nearly double digit scoring the Pistons lag well behind.
That said a coach and his staff should be able to work and, or mask the weaknesses for the betterment of the entire team.
That is yet another obstacle the Detroit Pistons face when the NBA offseason begins. It has to start with whoever is going to coach the team.
The Pistons also must pick the kind of team they want to be. Physical like the old Bad Boy’s teams? Or other. That is what is meant when a team must decide what direction they want to go.

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