Columbus Blue Jackets Bobrovsky

Embed from Getty Images He is one of the top goalies in the world. He is a two time Vezina Trophy winner (best goalie.) The Columbus Blue Jackets hope Sergei Bobrovsky  is about to become a playoff rock.


For all of his achievements Sergei, has yet to help his team make it out of the first round of the playoffs. Before it is even a thought. Yes other players need to step up as well. It is after all a team game.

Bob, as he is known to everyone in the hockey world is one of the best regular season goalie. He is a highlight reel in and of himself. Yet, when the Blue Jackets make the playoffs his play goes down. A lot. It very well could be a confidence issue. Or the fact playoff hockey in much more intense that regular season games.

Sometime goalies need to get in there a few times to get the timing down. Because this is the first time in franchise history the Columbus Blue Jackets, have made back to back play appearances that may go along way in help Sergei Bobrovsky get over his playoff funk.

The Blue Jackets have one of the NHL’s young and deepest bluelines. Not to mention they are a very solid group. This years playoff birth finds the Blue Jackets pitted against the Washington Capitols. This should be a very interesting match up. As Bob is 7-10-4 lifetime vs the Caps.

Soon the hockey world will know if the struggles are confidence related or something else. Or if Bob is indeed ready to take the next step. If he does the Columbus Blue Jackets will be one step closer to being a Stanley Cup championship caliber team.

Bobrovsky’s contract is up next season. This years playoffs may determine if he gets and extension or if the Columbus Blue Jackets choose to move on.

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