Detroit Tigers: Matt Harvey should not be an option

Embed from Getty Images The rebuilding Detroit Tigers, need to stay focused. As I have stated in the past no quick band-aids should be applied.  Yesterday the New York Mets ,designated Harvey for assignment. He refused and is now a free agent. Detroit should not employ him.

Only a few years ago Matt Harvey was on top of the world. Almost winning the 2013 NL Cy Young award then in 2014 Harvey, missed the whole season and had  Tommy John surgery. He has failed to bounce back.

This season has been rough so far for the former budding ace. When the New York Mets, asked Matt to move to the bullpen he refused. Forcing the Mets, to cut ties with him.

Unless Matt Harvey, is willing to reinvent himself in the bullpen like John Smoltz did years ago. He may have a hard time finding a job. No matter his decorated past. Teams look at the now.

A former shell of his former self is the biggest reason the Detroit Tigers should stay far away. This season and most of next will be throw aways in Motown anyway.

It sure does not look like Harvey, has anything left in the tank. Early word is the New York Yankees have no interest in him. Not that they dictate what other teams do. But, if the Yankees had interest so would other teams.

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