Detroit Pistons: Who will thrive under Dwane Casey

Embed from Getty Images As the Detroit Pistons training camp inches closer. New Pistons head coach Dwane Casey who is known as a player developer has an opportunity to put his finger prints on the 2018-19 Detroit squad.


Let us start with a player who has been a puzzle so far in his playing career. Stanley Johnson, he seems like a prime target to take a monumental step forward this season.


Miss used by previous Detroit Pistons coach Stan Van Gundy, who put Johnson on the perimeter even though he lacks the shooting touch from out there. Expect Casey, to use Johnson’s size and power down low.


I fully expect a man who just won the NBA coach of the year to do similar things with all the Pistons players. Blake Griffin, who is at his best inside the paint has no business shoot from the outside.


Andre Drummond is actually a big man who can shoot from the outside and I believe Casey will allow his to do that more often. The NBA is all about a balanced roster. In other sports coaches can mask weak spots. In the NBA players are all front and center. No one to hide behind.


A better Deeeeeetroit basketball coaching staff is going to make a big difference. There is no maybe about it. The Pistons roster is ready to win now. Are they a championship team? That remains to be seen.


Teams like Boston and Cleveland are not as good headed into this year as they have been in years past. The East is wide open. So why not the Pistons>

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