Michigan State head football coach Mark Dantonio’s big bet

Embed from Getty Images Michigan Wolverines head football coach Jim Harbaugh heard the rumblings and chose to change. Harbaugh went outside his comfort zone and hired an offensive coordinator. From Alabama. The Spartans Mark Dantonio is and was not as bold.


Change is good. Change in sports can push a team or program forward. Lack of change can smoother and impede progress. New blood in coaching and to a staff breathes fresh life. Mark Dantonio chose to stay in house and shuffle his coaching staff.


Brad Salem, who was the Spartans quarterbacks coach was promoted to offensive coordinator. While co-offensive coordinators Dave Warner and Jim Bollman were reassigned to quarterbacks coach and offensive line coach respectfully.


Mark Dantonio called it his most significant change in his 12 years in East Lansing. Michigan State fans and alumni are not happy. They say that rival Jim Harbaugh was willing to go big and he hit a home run. Dantonio simply reshuffled his coaches. Which seldom works in a positive way.


From a distance Dantonio has not evolved. Nor has he adapted to the modern college football landscape. With only 10 points in their last two games (7 against Nebraska, 3 against Oregon) more than a switch was and still is needed.


Dantonio stated loyalty when asked why he stayed in house and did not bring in new blood. There in lies the problem. Dantonio is unwilling to change. He is unwilling to move his program forward.


Losing recruits to Jim Harbaugh is killing the Michigan State football program. The fact that everyone but the head football coach sees it is alarming.


Dantonio said “I believe in digging in when things get tough with people I know.” That is a bold statement to make. Because sticking with the same coaching staff for 12 years is not working the way it once did.


That is good and all. Unless he and his buddies are digging their own grave.

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