The Detroit Lions led the NFL in an obscure statistic

Embed from Getty Images To say the Detroit Lions offense was not very good in 2018 is like saying snow is white. Stating the obvious, however there is something the Lions did better than well every team in the league.


Quarterback Matthew Stafford and the Lions offense gained more yards from defensive pass interference penalties. The Lions opponents amassed a total of 10 fouls that gained the Detroit offense 221 yards. Not really a stat that benefits a team unless the offense is more consistent.


The next best was the New Orleans Saints, who had 13 interference calls for 201 yards. Leading to the question why did the Detroit Lions not throw the ball downfield more often? When it was working the Lions switched to a run or short passes. Needless to say that was the was not the rout to take.


There came a point in the season when the Lions struggled to grasp Matt Patricia’s style and system. If drawing penalties was working why did the team not choose to exploit teams further? That should have been brought up at team meetings and practices.


Yes, the Detroit offense had a rash of injuries. Yet wide receiver Kenny Golladay was the downfield threat the team needed. He simply was not targeted as much as he could have or should have been targeted. It was a lost opportunity.


Now it will be up to new offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell to figure out how to stretch defenses with hopes of a big play or drawing a penalty. A healthy Kerryon Johnson will help to freeze linebackers and defensive backs with play action while receivers make their way downfield.


This must be taken in consideration as general manager Bob Quinn makes offseason plans for the team.

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  1. This right here is why I come here. Anyone can post the mainstream stuff. Few dig around and turn up great information like this.

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