A recent poll at the Detroit Free Press has the Detroit Lions winning a title

Embed from Getty Images The Detroit Free Press polled the four professional sports beat writers and asked which team would win the next championship for the city. The Detroit Lions were the winners.

As I read the pros and cons for each team winning a championship I looked at the state of all four teams. When I broken them down this is what I found.

The Detroit Pistons are a wreck. Stuck with bad contracts and a team that by and large has hit their ceiling. The team is years away from being a serious playoff threat let alone making it to the NBA Finals. The plan is to build around Blake Griffin. That is a start.

The Detroit Tigers are in mid rebuild. There is talent in the minor leagues. Serious talent. But most of the prospects are going to have to hit their ceiling and some are going to have to out play their projections. Still the Tigers are close to being competitive again. About 3 years.

The Detroit Red Wings are coming to the end of their rebuild. The Wings are set to win for a while. This is going to be a nasty hockey team. First they need to get into the playoffs and get their brains beat in. That is how it works in hockey. Young teams need to learn how to win the post season play. The Wings could make a playoff push next season. Even as bad as they have been. Young players have taken huge steps forwards and the Red Wings will have a league high $20 million in cap space.

Then we have the Detroit Lions. Rebuilding since 1957. Ask any Lions fan it is not a joke. It is how they view the team. For some strange reason the NFL is a league that sees teams turn around seemingly at the blink of an eye. L.A. Rams anyone? The Detroit Lions are actually a team that is 3-5 players away from becoming a very good team. Right tackle, edge rusher, tight end, wide receiver, backup running back and the Lions will be good.

So which team is in the best title position? The Tigers and Red Wings are set up for long term success. The Pistons need a direction. Leaving the Detroit Lions as the team that should bring the next championship to the city. I can not believe I just put that down.

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  1. As the debate continues concerning who wins a championship first. I’ll go with the Tigers

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