Detroit Red Wings trade Gustav Nyquist for draft picks

Embed from Getty Images This is what a rebuild looks like. Trading assets to accumulate draft picks and prospects. Last night Red Wings general manager Ken Holland sent Gustav Nyquist to the San Jose Sharks for a 2019 second round draft pick as well as a 2020 third round draft pick that can switch to a second round pick if the Sharks play for the Stanley Cup.

The dismantling of the current Red Wings team has taken another step forward. Ironically the San Jose Sharks were in Detroit yesterday afternoon for a 3:00 pm matinee. The deal did not go down until late last night.

The Sharks needing scoring and wing help made their offer. One problem. Nyquist had a full no-trade clause. Holland had to call and get his permission to waive the clause to make the trade. Nyquist agreed. It is a trade that works out well for both teams.

The Red Wings who’s young players have taken HUGE steps forward this season get to add to an already outstanding prospect pool. While the Sharks get a player who is having a career year.

Gustav Nyquist, 29 years old, has 49 points on the season with 16 goals. He is fast and plays well defensively. Playing in Detroit on an expiring contract at $4.75 million is said to be seeking $5 million per-year when he is set to be a free agent July 1

The trade is not unexpected. Nyquist’s name has been brought up by multiple teams looking for a playoff push. The Sharks being one of those teams. They had they good fortune of being in the Motor City when the deal was reached.

It is not easy losing a good player and an even better person. For the Red Wings who are getting younger, faster and more athletic this trade made total sense. It was a good move by Holland.

The 2019 NHL draft is LOADED! This is the best draft is a long time. Ken Holland (who may or may not be back next season) did well for the team. He gathered more draft picks in a draft that will see NHL ready players into the third round.

One factor is dealing Nyquist is that top Red Wings prospect Filip Zadina made his NHL debut yesterday. Many expected Zadina would replace Nyquist as a starter at some point. Now looking sooner than later.

The future is looking better and better in Motown on the Red Wings front. The team is about ready to begin to make a playoff push as soon as next season. So losses and draft picks are great to help the team win soon.

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