Michigan State was locked in vs Michigan

Embed from Getty Images Tom Izzo and his Spartan basketball team invaded Ann Arbor and promptly handed the Michigan Wolverines a home loss. Izzo was masterful in his play calling. Michigan State was clearly the better team Sunday.

With only three games left in the regular season, 10th ranked Michigan State laid claim to the Big Ten’s top spot. Handing 7th ranked Michigan a 77-70 loss.  The win ended a three game losing streak to the Wolverines.

Michigan State was locked in from the opening tip. With two of the teams most productive as well as consistent players sidelined with injuries. The Spartans did not back down. Tom Izzo once again showed why is not only one of the Big Ten’s best coaches. But one of the best in the country.

The biggest take away for the Spartans is they got a game in which everyone chipped in. The Spartans had leaned heavily on Nick Ward (who’s left hand is currently in a brace) as well as Joshua Langford (who was on a scooter to protect his left foot from more damage.)

After the game Michigan State players used the words “Dialed in” to describe the afternoon’s upset of their in-state rival. The Spartans defense was so good. Forcing Michigan into three point tries.

Michigan threw up three after three after three yet hardly made any. Meanwhile the Spartans grabbed rebound after rebound and converted them into points.

The two teams will get another shot at each other. In less than two weeks Michigan State will play the part of the host in East Lansing. That March 9 game will be huge. Mix in the fact that Purdue is hanging around and it makes every game important.

Michigan will want revenge. Michigan State will want a top seeding in the Big Ten Tournament with their eyes on the NCAA Tournament. It should be another good game.

It was perhaps the biggest win of the season for the Spartans. Who after a three game losing streak is suddenly red hot. Perhaps Michigan State wanted to win for two injured teammates. They did.  Did anyone expect less from a Tom Izzo lead team?




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