Is Detroit Tigers outfielder Mikie Mahtook ready to contribute more

Embed from Getty Images He is out of minor league options, Sometimes, very rarely in fact it can calm a player down to the point they can contribute in a larger way. The Detroit Tigers are hoping outfielder Mikie Mahtook can calm down and play more in 2019.

Mahtook faces a sink or swim option. This needs to be the year the player with some promise puts it all together and becomes the player the Detroit Tigers believe he can be. Mikie, has yet to do it.

Last season Mikie Mahtook struggled. That is putting it kindly. Hitting .161 last spring (9 for 56), then Mahtook opened the season hitting .129 in nine games. He was sent down to Toledo to work on his hitting with the Mud Hens.

In less than one month Mikie  went from everyday left fielder to Triple A. Not the start the player and organization had in mind. This spring has been different.

Mikie Mahtook looks locked in and is swinging the bat well. His speed, glove and arm have never been an issue. Like most young players Mahtook is looking for consistency in his game. Prospects do not always hit their projections at a certain appointed time.

He is probably looking at the fourth outfield spot on the Tigers roster. That means he will play a lot of games. The Tigers need to know they can count on him. As he has worked on both his swing and pitch recognition Mahtook has 3 hits so far this spring along with 2 walks.

He will need to continue that in order to secure a roster spot and head north with the team after spring training. If he does he can really help the young rebuilding Tigers.

If not, Mikie Mahtook will be out of a job. Not only in Detroit but perhaps MLB entirely. For a player that has such promise it would be a shame if Mikie does not make the team.

He has put himself in this position. He is very capable of working hard and getting to the next level. The Detroit Tigers are hoping this is the case.


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