Michigan Wolverines will look to Hudson and Gil to bring stability to the linebackers

Embed from Getty Images It was not going to be easy to replace Devin Bush Jr’s production. Yet the Wolverines may be able to use two to get the production of one. At least that is the thought process.

Michigan will count on a pair of experienced veterans Khaleke Hudson and Devin Gil to help bolster the linebackers. Hudson, rings speed and  skill that few others can match on the roster.

Hudson brings a flexibility to the field as he can line up as a hybrid linebacker-safety. Khaleke is also a  two-time all-Big Ten honorable mention selection so that brings hope that he can help out a starter.

Devin Gil, brings perhaps the best run-stopping ability to the linebackers. In 2018 Gil  had 33 tackles (3 1/2 for a loss) and 1 1/2 sacks. Nice stats. Again Gil is likely to be named a starter in 2019.

As with the entire Michigan defense depth is a real issue and a real concern. It simply is not there. That puts pressure on both Hudson and Gil. Both played in a backup role last season will now have the spotlight on them this season.

This is not the kind of sink or swim moment either one was looking for. Yet, that because of the lack of depth  is exactly what it is. Sink or swim. Part of it is on the coaching staff to put them in position to succeed. Part of it is on the two players to do their job and make plays.

Michigan should find out if Hudson and Gil can bring stability at the linebacker position during spring practice. They will be under the microscope fair or unfair. That is what happens when it is the next man or men up.

In theory the Wolverines should be alright. They are getting Devin Bush’s run-stopping ability as well has his pass coverage ability. Only it is not just one player it it two. So there will be an adjustment period.

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