Former Detroit Lions linebacker/defensive end Mike Cofer passes away

Embed from Getty Images Mike Cofer was a A third-round pick out of Tennessee in 1983. He played his entire 10 year career with the Detroit Lions. A standout player on some bad Lions teams, Cofer earned a Pro Bowl nod in 1988, one of two seasons where he topped 10 sacks.

Mike Cofer, 58, had suffered from an uncommon (  amyloidosis ) disease that affects organs and tissue. His death hit former teammates hard and rocked the city of Detroit. He was a Lions legend.

Mike’s most defining characteristic was his physical prowess. Cofer had 62½ career sacks. There was no official  cause of death  given. Mike Cofer’s son, Phil Cofer is a forward on Florida State’s basketball team and learned of his father’s death after the team’s 76-69 victory over Vermont in the NCAA Tournament Thursday. Receiving the phone call during the open locker-room period and broke down into tears.

For those who saw Mike Cofer play, we understood he was a tremendous talent on a team that did not have much. For those who never saw Cofer play, I offer this, One of the greatest sports moments I have ever witnessed was when Mike Cofer on 3 straight plays lined up at Right LB, Left LB and Middle LB and sacked the quarterback on all 3.

In September 2013, Cofer was honored as a Volunteers  Legend of the Game during Tennessee’s game against South Alabama. Mike Cofer, was a treat to watch. Fans knew he was going to do something during a game that would be outstanding.

Rest In Peace, Mike Cofer.


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