Detroit Lions, Matt Patricia details what he looks for in draft prospects

Embed from Getty Images With the NFL draft three weeks away, Detroit Lions head coach Matt Patrica is not going into detail about what needs his team are looking to fill. Instead, Patrica gave insight as to what he looks for in draft prospects.

Each NFL team places different values for their organization. The Detroit Lions do not go against the grain. Yet, the Detroit Lions head coach was willing to give good information as to what he looks for.

“It may sound cliche, but it’s really not, because we’re going to teach them the other stuff,” Patricia said in a meeting with Detroit area beat writers Tuesday. “We’re gonna teach them scheme, we’re gonna teach them fundamentals, we’re gonna teach them some of those things, so you start basically with, alright, what does his speed look like on film? What does his pad level look like? Can he come downhill or can he get open? Is the fundamental skill set that he needs — quickness in and out of breaks, whether it’s football instincts and how smart he is as a player, does he makes checks and adjustments? Is he a guy that sees the whole field?”

Patricia also stated that toughness and passion in prospects is an absolute must. “I think you always want to find toughness, that’s fundamental, and you want to find that ‘never quit’ attitude,” Patricia said. “The guys that are always going to go compete. But first and foremost, you want to feel the love, you want to feel the passion.”

Needless to say every coach would like athletes with elite physical talents, the Lions coach puts a premium on intelligence, toughness and coach-ability. Giving a good look at what the New England Patriots look for as well.

To review, in a nut shell Matt Patrica likes players who are tough, passionate, intelligent and who have a coach-ability to them. In other words players who are versital.

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