Predictions for the Detroit Pistons offseason

Embed from Getty Images The Detroit Pistons 2018-19 season ended in total disappointment. The Milwaukee Bucks swept them out of the first round of the NBA playoffs with  ease. The Pistons have very limited flexibility this offseason, unless they make some dramatic moves to improve the roster, next season will not be much better.

Blake Griffin’s knee injury and the glaring holes on the roster were the Detroit Pistons undoing during the playoffs. So what can the team do during the offseason? Here are a few things and a couple predictions.

Continuing player development has to be  priority No. 1. Svi Mykhailiuk , Thon Maker should be something the Detroit Pistons look to get the most of. Perhaps the team can look into trading for a star guard. Some like Mike Conley or Jrue Holiday either would fit nicely into the Pistons lineup.

With Reggie Jackson, Jon Leuer, and Langston Galloway contracts off the books after next season, the Pistons may finally have some financial wiggle room. With that said Detroit should  Pistons should stay away from taking on big contracts unless that player can take them to the next level.

Bruce Brown’s lack of  scoring ability makes him ineffective on one end of the floor. Brown simply can not stay on the Pistons let alone any NBA team playing defense only at the guard position. Andre Drummond who was the Detroit Pistons  second leading scorer needs more looks down low.

Currently the Detroit Pistons hold the No. 15 pick in the first round of the NBA draft. They need to get as much out of the 15th pick as they can.  Detroit could package a couple of players and the No. 15 pick to move up. If they do the team should look to include Langston Galloway in any possible trade.

One thing to remember is the Pistons are just one more season away from freeing up an immense amount of cap space. Reggie Jackson and Langston Galloway as well as the old Josh Smith money and the crippling Jon Leuer contract will come off the books.

So while there is no clear cut answer to the Detroit Pistons roster fix right now. After next season the Pistons will have room to improve the roster.

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