The Detroit Red Wings are the “X-factor” in the 2019 NHL draft

Embed from Getty Images They currently sit at #6 in the first round of the NHL draft. Yet, the Detroit Red Wings hold the keys to the entire draft. With five draft picks before the fourth round, Detroit general manager Steve Yzerman can move up or back because unlike the other teams he has the assets to do it.

Last week in a twenty minute media update, Yzerman played coy. It is not like he was going to tip his hand one way or another. Yzerman said he is going to draft talent, not need. Something he did in Tampa Bay which turned out very well for the Lightning.

The top 10 players in this years draft are outstanding unlike the past two NHL drafts.  No matter what he does, Yzerman will make the Red Wings rebuild a little better. There is tremendous talent throughout this years draft. So if he keeps the picks Detroit wins. If he trades the picks Detroit wins.

Steve Yzerman can send a ripple though the league. The top two teams are not trading they’re picks. So the draft truly starts with the third pick. If Yzerman makes a move teams will have to recheck they’re draft boards.

In my opinion, Steve Yzerman understands his team and organization is rebuilding. Unless he gets a massive offer he can not refuse, I do not see the Red Wings moving down.

NHL insiders are all saying that all eyes will by “On Yzerman and Detroit.” Given the NHL draft starts Friday night, and Steve Yzerman and his scouting department are deep in meetings to map out draft strategies he knows what he wants to do in this draft.

Knowing what you would like to do and being able to do them are two different things. Because of 3 second round draft picks, Yzerman is able to do what he wants.

It should be interesting to watch it unfold Friday night in Vancouver, British Columbia. The draft starts at 8:00 pm, fans can tune into NBCSN for complete coverage.

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