The Detroit Lions need to win or blow it up

Embed from Getty Images Detroit Lions fans are both loyal and extremely passionate. Yet, they also can only handle false promises so long. When he took over as Lions general manager Bob Quinn sounded like a man who believed he could get the Lions to a deep playoff run. That has yet to happen. He fired Jim Caldwell in favor of his New England Patriots buddy Matt Patricia saying he was the coach to get them to the next level. He needs to be right this season.

Do not get me wrong Bob Quinn has for the most part drafted well. His free agents have been hit-or-miss. Winning while Matthew Stafford is still a decent quarterback is paramount.

Detroit Lions fans have suffered a long time. The running joke around the city of Detroit is the Lions have been rebuilding since ’57. As in 1957, the last championship the team won (pre-Super Bowl era.) The joke gets older and older with every missed or failed season. Since 1980 the Lions have 11 playoff appearances. Making out of the first round only once in 1991.

Barry Sanders retired because he came to the understanding the team was not going to win. Calvin Johnson did the same. Both players All-Pros. Both players Hall of Fame (Johnson will get in.) Both walked away from the same organization at 30 years old.

If the Detroit Lions do not make the playoffs this NFL season, sweeping changes must be made. From Bob Quinn and team president Rod Wood to scouts and coaches. Team owner Martha Ford is much tougher than her husband the late William Clay Ford. Martha is not shy about making changes and not waiting years to do so.

Lions fans need to be rewarded. The Lions are not an easy team to continue to cheer for, buy apparel and tickets for and pay for parking for either. Something needs to shake the organization to life. Another front office shakeup would help somewhat. But finding the right people is critical.

This absolutely needs to be the final chance for the current front office. The Detroit Lions fans are growing restless.

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