With right tackle Andrew Steueber injured the Michigan Wolverines are shuffling the offensive line

Embed from Getty Images Michigan Wolverines right tackle, Andrew Stueber has suffered a significant injury to his knee. The injury could have Stueber  out for an indefinite amount of time. The Wolverines are now shuffling the offensive line around to find the right combination.

Michigan offensive line coach Ed Warinner spoke to the media on Monday afternoon saying,  “We moved Joel (Honigford),” Warinner said, via The Michigan Insider. “He had been playing right guard. With (Andrew) Vastardis playing so well at guard/center, we felt very comfortable having Andrew Vastardis as a right guard and then bumping Joel out. Joel has only been there a couple of days but he’s looking real comfortable. That may be a better position for him. A year ago when I first got here I tried him out there, he struggled in the pass protection. Now, he’s over a year working that and some of his fundamentals we were able to develop with him, he’s really looked good out there in terms of that. That was the piece that kept him from playing tackle a year ago. Now, I feel real comfortable in his pass protection, he knows what’s going on and I think it’s going to be a good move for him. Vastardis is a solid guy inside.”

Injuries are never fun and can be difficult to overcome. The Michigan Wolverines are in good shape to man maneuver through some of the offensive line injuries due to very good recruiting and depth.

To lose a starter on the offensive line so close to the start of the 2019-20 College Football Season has made the Michigan coach’s and players adjust. The offensive line was going to be a really good unit for the football team this season and I believe it still will be.

More will be known about how fast the line can gel when on August 31 Michigan hosts Middle Tennessee for the season opener.

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