Anthony Mantha playing the way the Detroit Red Wings believed he could

Embed from Getty Images 5 goals, 7 points in two games. The Detroit Red Wings, Anthony Mantha has come out of the gate swinging. Mantha has started playing like teammates, coach’s and the Red Wings front office always believed he could, using his 6′ 5″, 234-pound body to bulldoze opponents.

Anthony Mantha’s teammate and line mate Dylan Larkin said this about the Detroit forward, “He’s skating right now, he’s moving his feet, He’s flying. When he’s doing that, he’s fun to play with. He’s dynamic. When he’s hot, he can be one of the best in the world. You’re seeing that right now.”

Mantha credits former Detroit Red Wing Thomas Vanek with his improved play. “Vannie saw a lot of a players, had a lot of years behind him,” Mantha said. “He’s been a great mentor, just telling me to cut to the net, that’s one example, that not a lot of people can stop me. It was just little details that he told me that I brought to my game this year.”

Mantha, 25, says this is the most confident he has felt since his junior days. That speaks volumes to the start Mantha has had. The Detroit Red Wings home opener was on Sunday night. A night in which Anthony Mantha put on a show for the home crowd. 4 goals. Using speed, quickness and his physical ability the Dallas Stars defense had no answers for Mantha. Few team do and will have an answer.

There is one additional note to be made. Anthony Mantha has had a successful start due in large part by his other line mate Tyler Bertuzzi. Bertuzzi, has been great on the forecheck as well as boxing out opposing players allowing Mantha to spring open.

Anthony Mantha, credits his teammates and understands hockey is the ultimate team sport. “Playing with Bert and Larks, I can’t praise them enough. They’re playing unreal hockey right now.

The rest of the NHL has been put on notice, Anthony Mantha is locked-in.

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