Hot rumors: Disney re-shooting The Rise of Skywalker, “Almost Whole Movie”

Embed from Getty Images A very solid, very reputable  Star Wars source claims to have first hand knowledge of all things Star Wars. Including something that has been whispered for some time.

“I have Star Wars info, they are still shooting. They were having to remake almost the whole movie as what they tested as the movie was a complete pile of flopping @!%$. This is not some kind of casual 2 week reshoot. This is almost a 75% remake. They shot the thing so there were 6 possible main edits. And even then there was no way to put it together that would not have flopped. JJ Abrams said this film will not please everyone. Disney flipped out and said this film has to please everyone and redo it until it does. If they can not get it to perform in tests, this is the end of this particular reboot.”

One of the biggest issues surrounding the final film in the Skywalker saga is that Abrams and his writers  tried to force to much plot into the film. That has been reported by multiple people with firsthand knowledge of the film.

Some of the plot involved characters being able to do too much. One insider said “Apparently Rey could raise both a Death Star and the dead by the end of the film.” In the first round of shooting. Disney was not on board with this.

It is being reported that the third and final trailer for “The Rise of Skywalker” was delayed because of the reshoots.

Another source had this bit of information, “Disney realizes or fears at least that they have devalued the Star Wars brand. They have also according to this other changed the direction of the film substantially.”

JJ Abrams is said to be both re-shooting parts of the film and editing at the same time.

Disney was right to order the re-shoots after the fans dislike for “The Last Jedi” which in turns made the very solid “Solo: a Star Wars story” suffer at the box-office. I believe Abrams will deliver and set a new direction for Star Wars moving forward.

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