Detroit Red Wings: lose for Lafrenière

Embed from Getty Images In the throngs of the worst season in decades, the Detroit Red Wings have a 12 point lead on last place. Dead last place, as in the entire NHL. That seems bad, until the thought of landing “the best prospect since Sydney Crosby” breaks through the darkness of losing. Alexis Lafrenière should be the only focus right now of the fans, media and Red Wings organization.

The Detroit Red Wings have a nice group of prospects. That is the good news. However, what the Red Wings need, what will speed up the painstaking rebuild is a generational player, so gifted so elite that he very well could play in Detroit as early as next fall.

Alexis Lafrenière, What can be said? There is the off- charts- hockey sense and imagination on offense starting with the 2018 World U-18s where Lafrenière surprised his linemates with passes that could have been coming from a seasoned NHL veteran. Lafrenière is fluid and fearless going inside the circles in the attack zone, where Alexis fearlessly steps out front to screen and set up for tip ins. Will be a solid attacking forward but might also find a home as a NHL center with the way he easily makes his way inside. A smooth high speed heads up player who moves effortlessly through the attack zone with such good confidence and presence. Alexis dose not necessarily fit the category of a blazer as he uses his hands more than blades to elude checkers. There is no denying how quickly Lafrenière lets the puck fly, and how decisive he is while possessing it. Will fire cutting towards the net, and always has his stick down looking for the puck. Strong and difficult to move off the puck and not adverse who he is looking  to give the puck to. Although he must improve his first step, Lafrenière still manages to keep churning when carrying in the high traffic areas. It is his all around hockey abilities that round him as a guy who will build chemistry quickly with good NHL players and improve the attack of whichever team selects him early in the first. Red Wing fans are hoping their team gets him.

Lafrenière’s NHL Comparison: Artemi Panarin with a higher ceiling. With a sizzling shot, silky smooth hands, elite quickness, natural leadership ability, Lafrenière would help the Red Wings rebuild and give the team a very talented player.

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