Just how bad have the Detroit Red Wings been this season? Statistics do not lie

Embed from Getty Images TheĀ  Detroit Red Wings have been bad this season, and water is wet. The Red Wings own the NHL’s worst record. The statistics are illuminating and tell exactly why this team is where they are in the standings. In nearly every major category the Wings rank dead last 31st of 31 teams.

The Detroit The Wings are 12-38-4, with a league-low 28 points. To put things in better perspective, the Los Angeles Kings have 43 points 15 points better than Detroit.

Also for the Red Wings the team is last in the NHL with 110 goals scored, working out to again dead last with 2.04 goals per game. The Anaheim Ducks, in 30th place in the category, have scored 20 more goals than the Red Wings.

The Detroit Red Wings also sit last with 206 goals allowed, and have the worst goals against average 3.81 in the NHL. The New Jersey Devils are next with 180 goals allowed, so the Red Wings have allowed 26 more goals than the next worst defensive team in the league.

Detroit has earned the fewest points at home 8-18-2, 18 points and 4-20-2, 10 points on the road. That is simply awful. But wait there is more. The Red Wings are last with 10 regulation wins. That equates to one every 5.2 games played so far to date during the 2019-320 NHL season.

As bad as the numbers are, and they are really bad, there is some good in all this mess. The good? Steve Yzerman is the general manager. This should be the bottoming out season of a long rebuild.

When the 2020-21 NHL season kicks off the Detroit Red Wings will be in better shape. In both cap space as well as prospects pushing for roster spots. It takes time and at times rebuilds are flat out no-fun. That has been the past two seasons.

So in short, relax enjoy the rest of the games this season and prepare for a brighter future that begin to take shape this offseason.

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