With all four Detroit sports teams rebuilding, could the Detroit Tigers finish first

Embed from Getty Images In 2003 the Detroit Tigers lost 119 games, it was the key turning point in the late Tigers owner Mike Ilitch’s tenure. He was so embarrassed, he vowed to do more, just as he had when he turned the “Dead Things” the into Stanley Cup champion Detroit Red Wings. After last seasons 114 losses, will that be the turning point of current Tigers owner Christopher Ilitch’s tenure?

The Detroit Lions lack talent in many areas of the roster, with unproven general manager Bob Quinn and head coach Matt Patricia.  And the Detroit Pistons? Dwane Casey is a solid coach, but they finally chose the time is now to rebuild.

The Detroit Red Wings do have a proven general manager, who will return the Red Wings to the national stage, no one is doubting that. It will take time for Steve Yzerman to complete the task before him though.

Poor management, ownership in activity, bad contracts and bad luck, have defined the four Detroit sports teams. In my opinion it is the Detroit Tigers, have a head start.

First of all the Detroit Tigers have the most valuable commodity in their sport  young, promising pitching. The Tigers have four prospects in the MLB Pipeline’s Top 50, the franchise is as stocked as they have ever been, in route to a top 10 of farm system.

The Tigers also have something the Lions, Red Wings and Pistons do not currently have, the first pick in the draft at their sport. Last weekend Christopher Ilitch in an interview used the phrases “very competitive” and  “the fire is burning inside,” to let media and fans know how he feels about the Tigers, putting all doubt and fear aside.

As is if building the brand new Little Caesars headquarters next to Comerica Park did not send a strong enough signal. It is a short walk from his new office to the ballpark.

Christopher Ilitch is very analytical, much less emotional, probably a product of the corporate world he lives in much of the time. He speaks in measured tones but seems to be  more comfortable in the spotlight.

One thing seems for certain, the Detroit Tigers are closer to being a threat again in baseball, with the Red Wings not far behind. Ilitch says he is confident in delivering on that goal of the rebuild: “Be patient, be disciplined and we’re going to get there.”

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