The Coronavirus pandemic has brought sports to a halt

Embed from Getty Images “For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.” 2 Timothy 1:7

-College Basketball season has ended.

-NCAA has canceled all winter and spring championships.

-MLB canceled spring training and have delayed opening day.

-NHL has suspended play.

-MLS has suspended play.

-NFL canceled spring owner meeting.

-XFL has ended it’s season.

-PGA tour has canceled several events.

People tend to have an unhealthy relationship with sports and sports teams. When something that has not been seen since 9/11 has come along and stopped all sports, the Coronavirus pandemic.

People should not be angry. Instead this should be a gut-check. Everyone should be taking the necessary steps as outlined by authorities for themselves as well as family. Perhaps, it is time to go deeper.

To check on neighbors, the elder and ask what needs to be done. Perhaps, help someone wipe down things in their house. Sports certainly have their place. But never at the expense of human life and people’s well being.

There have been strikes over the years in all of the major sports leagues. Sports have come back. They will return again at the proper time. Right now it is best to wait and see.

This is a time to dig into God. Perhaps some of you for the first time. God is unshakable. His promises are true. He is a strong tower in times such as these.

Here at The District, I will keep you informed on the sports side for sure. There will also be more Star Wars content on slow sports news days.

Be safe, be willing, be blessed

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