Star Wars Rogue One spinoff, Cassian Andor will have little used or never seen creatures

Embed from Getty Images Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is getting a spinoff. Cassian Andor. The show will be part of Disney Plus streaming. An early report is that the show will serve as a second chance for Star Wars creatures who might have only gotten a small amount of screen time, or a place for previously unused creatures all together to finally make their way to a galaxy far, far away.

When the release of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker released  Neal Scanlan, the creature and special make up effects creative supervisor of the five most recent Star Wars movies. Scanlan has been making lots of headlines recently by dropping an interesting clue about Star Wars productions, when Scanlan turned his attention to the upcoming Cassian Andor Disney Plus show, which features Diego Luna reprising his role from Rogue One as a Rebel spy, Scanlan revealed some more interesting tid-bits about the series.

“We also have this backlog of characters. A lot of the characters that we built for all of the films either didn’t make it to the final cut, because that’s just the way that the film process happens, or that they are seen so momentarily that there is this wonderful second opportunity to bring back some of the characters that we’ve made and bring them to this new storyline in a more, shall we say, integrated way. I think it’s going to be tremendous. I find that it’s a second opportunity for everything that we’ve made, plus the opportunity of moving TV along, in a sense, at what will not at all be diminished as far as the level of quality, the level of things that we are going to try and achieve.” Neal Scanlan told reporters.

With many aliens and creatures at his finger tips, this is good news for Star Wars junkies (of which I am one.) It will be fun to check out the finished product when Cassian Andor hits Disney Plus streaming 2021.

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